Summer Show
The very last Handel Street Projects exhibition at Florence Street features works by Loukia Alavanou, Rasheed Araeen, Siah Armajani, Tim Allen, Fay Ballard, David Batchelor, Filippo Caramazza, Gabriele Di Matteo, Braco Dimitrijević, Richard Deacon, Mark Fairnington, Graham Gussin, Lucy Heyward, Olga Jevrić, Jeff McMillan, Nicholas Pope, Olivier Richon, Stefan Sehler, Bob and Roberta Smith, Raša Todosijević, Jelena Tomasević, Richard Wentworth, Alison Wilding and Gerard Williams… read more

David Batchelor, Richard Deacon – Colours In The Air
Handel Street Projects is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition of works by David Batchelor and Richard Deacon with contributions from curator Fedja Klikovac, A month after the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, we had started a conversation about a possible collaborative project… read more

Lucy Heyward – Thoughts That Smell Like Memories
Handel Street Projects is pleased to present a second exhibition with the gallery of works by Lucy Heyward, curated by Dr Jo Melvin. Without being blatant Heyward’s recent work mines a latent biographical sensibility… read more

Filippo Caramazza – Guston Reloaded
Handel Street Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of work by Filippo Caramazza: Guston Reloaded. As the exhibition’s title Reloaded suggests, the show raises questions of its authorship when another artist’s work is clearly present… read more

Tim Allen – Dancing the Future Melting the Past
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Tim Allen. Since the 1970s, Tim Allen has been producing an exciting body of work in which colour and movement ‘aspires to the condition of the physical’… read more

Mary Anne Francis – This Is Not An Art Show: On Mixed Forms Of Visual Culture
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce a show of new work by Mary Anne Francis. More visual essay than artwork, this exhibition builds on her recently published book, Mixed Forms of Visual Culture: From the Cabinet of Curiosities to Digital Diversity (Bloomsbury 2021)… read more

Fay Ballard – In Circles
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works on paper by Fay Ballard. In these drawings Ballard takes the circle, rendering some in graphite’s subtle spectrum of greys, and others in luminous watercolour… read more

Mark Fairnington – The Landscape Room
Handel Street Projects is pleased to present a series of new paintings by Mark Fairnington. Landscape, the natural world and our relationship to it are now at the heart of some of the most critical thinking… read more

Frieze Masters: Olga Jevrić 1922 – 2014 Spatial Compositions
At Frieze Masters we are showing here the earliest examples of what she called ‘spatial compositions’, her earliest abstract sculptures from the 1950s’ but also three examples of her work from the 70s’ and 80s’. This group of works on show cover both variety of materials and techniques… read more

Olga Jevrić – Spatial Compositions
Olga Jevrić’s work has a special place in the pantheon of post-war European sculpture. Born in Belgrade in 1922 Jevrić developed her unique visual language at a time when, amidst the ideological constraints of Socialist Realism, there was little space for personal expression… read more

Draw Art Fair, London
17 – 19 May 2019
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce our participation at Draw Art Fair. For our presentation we have chosen a selection of works by two prominent exponents of Yugoslav avant-garde: Braco Dimitrijević (b.1948) and Raša Todosijević (b.1945)… read more

Stefan Sehler – New Paintings
9 February – 29 March 2019
For the last in our series of exhibitions exploring the status of painting today, held at Handel Street Projects during 2018, we are pleased to present a new body of work by German artist Stefan Sehler… read more

Gavin Bryars Ensemble
Friday 7 December 2018 at 19:00
Handel Street Projects is very pleased to be able to host an evening with Gavin Bryars Ensemble… read more

Alun Williams – No Paine No Gain
22 September – 10 November 2018
Continuing our series of exhibitions exploring the status of painting today we are pleased to present the first solo exhibition in London for thirty years of new works by New York and France based, British artist, Alun Williams… read more

Graham Gussin – The Mary Jane Paintings
9 June – 14 July 2018
New works by Graham Gussin, which explore further one of his long-standing preoccupations: the relationships between the romantic tradition of landscape, utopian space and what we might call vision… read more

Gabriele Di Matteo – Land Art from My Balcony
7 April – 19 May 2018
Since the invention of photography in 1830’, painting has been proclaimed dead many times and Di Matteo’s work goes along these lines. Di Matteo’s paintings are an option for giving an idea a form and they are not stand-alone artworks, but elements of larger artistic procedures… read more

Zoran Popovic – Document as a Work of Art: Gestural Speech of Joseph Beuys
17 February – 17 March 2018
In the summer of 1973 Richard Demarco invited eight Yugoslav artists to Edinburgh: Marina Abramovic, Zoran Popovic, Rasa Todosijevic and Gera Urkom performed their own works simultaneously on the shared stage at Melville College… read more

Raša Todosijević, Siege of London 2097
4 November – 20 January 2017/18
After the long summer ‘Siege’, Handel Street Projects couldn’t resist the force of Raša Todosijević ideas. The long awaited exhibition by one of the most important exponents of the Yugoslav avant–guard, brings a cross section of works, including his 1977 Sex, Art and History, along with some more recent works… read more

Art of the Postcoard
2 September – 8 October 2017
Handel Street Projects is pleased to present Art of the Postcard, exhibition of works by 76 international artists. The exhibition is curated in collaboration with Jeremy Cooper, who over the years amassed a significant collection of artists postcards, which he has donated recently to the British Museum… read more

Rasa Todosijevic, Siege of London 2097
Summer 2017
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce Siege of London 2097 by Rasa Todosijevic from his series The Artist as a Prophet. Over the two months of July and August you will be able to witness the siege in progress, series of installations, readings, performances and online statements… read more

Mark Fairnington, The Worm In The Bud
11 February – 1 April 2017
Handel Street Projects is pleased to present four new paintings by Mark Fairnington. They all depict a vase of flowers in an unspecified space with no direct references to the interiors that they are in. These are large paintings that inhabit the domestic rooms of the gallery… read more

Bob and Roberta, Smith Save Our Galleries
19 – 21 January 2017
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce a three day event, Save Our Galleries by British artist Bob and Roberta Smith. Smith has decorated 100 covers of their Apathy Band LP, Letter to Michael Gove with the slogan: There Is Still Art There Is Still Hope, in bright red paint. read more

David Batchelor, Reef
17 September – 12 November 2016
The exhibition comprises a series of hundred small sculptures through which the artist continues his long-term exploration of colour. Irregular sections of transparent, opaque or mirrored Perspex offcuts are set vertically in simple grey concrete bases. The first of these offcuts ­– ‘shadows of another shape’ – were found in the artist’s studio. Various basic forms – circles, squares, triangles – have been removed from the sheets of Perspex, leaving irregular, perforated planes of flat colour. read more

Jelena Tomasevic, Life Interest
10 June – 09 July 2016
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce Life Interest, the first solo exhibition in Britain by Montenegrin artist Jelena Tomasevic. In her paintings on steel plates, images are copied with carbon copy paper from her vast and diverse collection of photographs, ranging from fashion magazines to found photographs and artists own random photographs of sights and scenes that we remember through peripheral vision. These paintings are loaded with surreal scenes, with figures, objects and concrete, brutalist architecture that float in white undefined spaces. read more

Zoran Popovic, Struggle in New York 
30 April – 21 May 2016 
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce screenings of the seminal work by Zoran Popovic Struggle in New York.A one hour long, black and white film, originally shot on 16mm, in October and November 1976, is a collaborative project between Popovic and members of Art and Language collective including artists Mel and Paula Ramsden, Ian Burn, Michael Corris, Andrew Menard, Kathryn Bigelow, Christine Kozlov, Mayo Thompson and others. read more

Jeff McMillan South Face 
27 February – 26 March 2016  
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce South Face, an exhibition of new works by American/British artist Jeff McMillan. The position of painting as the ultimate form in visual art, with its heavy burden of representation and abstraction, doesn’t make it an easy art form to approach today. For McMillan, an abiding interest in the physical essence of paint and its attendant processes of making, have led to ever more straightforward and reductive paintings that are not reliant on image. His paintings are at times reminiscent of minimalist works, and often are not just two dimensional, but hover between painting and sculpture. At the same time their manufacture is very low tech, often involving found materials and simple processes. read more

David Mabb, About Two Worlds
16 January – 20 February 2016
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce About Two Worlds, an exhibition of new works by British artist David Mabb. In this new exhibition, Mabb presents a work in two parts. In the first part, pages from a facsimile edition of William Morris’ Kelmscott edition of his late romance The Wood Beyond the World, has been overlaid with enlarged recreations of pages from Russian artist El Lissitzky’s acclaimed book About Two Squares. In contrast, in the second part, Mabb has also overlaid Edward Burne Jones’ illustration of the Maid from The Wood Beyond the World onto a facsimile edition of About Two Squares.
 read more

Gerard Williams, Cultural Currency
9 October – 28 November 2015
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce Cultural Currency an exhibition of new works by British artist Gerard Williams. The exhibition consists of a number of small birch plywood tablets, each of which encapsulates at least two genuine, complete bank notes. These are made partially visible through small windows disclosing numeric denominations as well as isolated details such as illustrations, patterns etc., the origin of the notes is obscured. Cultural Currency plays with relative values, with the value of art, the value of money, with connections between culture, history and financial capital, with value and the passage of time, with the position of nations relative to world financial hierarchies. Each double-sided work is a unique variation on the theme. Whilst the notes are loose and unfolded, they are also permanently sealed within the work, therefore in order to realize their monetary value, or their value as collectables, the artwork would have to be destroyed. read more …

Lucy Heyward, Erehwon
22 May to 27 June 2015
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition with the gallery by British artist Lucy Heyward. The exhibition title Erehwon, references a novel of a similar title by Samuel Butler. It consists of four video works, filmed in three deserts in Africa and the Middle East, along with related. read more …

Bob and Roberta Smith, Why I Am So Angry
11 March – 9 May 2015
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce Bob and Roberta Smith’s Why I Am So Angry, an artful stand against government attacks on art. Come and support Bob’s campaign in Surrey Heath against Michael Gove, who paved the governments disregard for the arts continued by Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, with her shocking statement that choosing art subjects held back children’s career opportunities. read more …

John Plowman,Shroud Drawings
11 February – 6 March 2015
Handel Street Projects is pleased to present a collection of new drawings by British sculptor John Plowman. As a sculptor, Plowman has an innate instinct for objects and the spaces they inhabit whether real or imagined. His work over the last 30 years has explored the dynamic between two and three dimensions… read more …

Multiple market
28 Novembar – 23 December 2014
Our multiple market is back. For our second exhibition at Florence Street we will present a great range of produce from 31 suppliers. Everything from ‘do it yourself recipes’ to prêt a porter, special commissions and much more at our new Islington HQ. The emphasis, as always, will be on freshness, variety and quality as well as value for money so that you can stock up for the festive season in complete confidence. . read more …

Stefan Sehler, New Paintings
25 September – 25 October 2014
For our first exhibition at 14 Florence Street, Handel Street Projects is pleased to present a series of new paintings by Berlin based artist Stefan Sehler. Made specially for this show, these works continue into the exploration of what constitutes painting, the relationship between abstraction and representation, challenging and stretching the possibilities of this medium all the time. read more …

Multiple market 12 Sicilian Avenue, Holborn
29 November – 20 December 2012
Following the great success of our previous Farmers’ Markets, Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce multiple market. Our new collection of multiples offers a new take on our biannual investigation into connoisseurship, proximity of fine food and fine art and various other aspects of consumption and exchange of ideas. We will present a great range of produce from over 30 suppliers at the very best prices. read more …

Crating, Greyfriars, Saltergate, Lincoln, 9 November
16 December 2012
I wonder what an Imp would do to the Crate. A long time ago two Imps caused mayhem in the North of England. ‘They smashed tables and chairs and tripped up the Bishop’. An angel intervened and one Imp was turned to stone and the other was given a chance to escape.  The one turned to stone was left on high where only the hawk-eyed can spot it….what has happened tothe other one? read more …

Saso Sedlacek and Lada Cerar, Remains Of The Empire
27 September – 17 October
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce Remains of The Empire, a collaborative exhibition by Slovenian artists Lada Cerar and Saso Sedlacek. The project explores one particular infrastructural remnant of the British Empire, the Anglo-Saxon loo in relation to the other types of loo such as French and German. It is commonly known that many empires paved the road to industrialization and enforced hygienic standards on many nations around the world. These types of loo are still a hygienic standard in many formerly colonized countries as well as the Austro-Hungarian railway tracks being in use in central Europe even today and Spanish urbanism in Americas, these different infrastructures still silently talk about former borderlines among historical empires. read more …

Gerard Williams, The Collected Works
19 –21 Sicilian Avenue, Holborn
25 February – 31 March 2011
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of six new works including three new installations by British artist Gerard Williams. The show builds on a body of work that Williams has evolved over the past few years. Initially he ‘dressed’ plausibly domestic windows, ones visible from the street and near to the commissioning institutions. These interventions set out to evoke in the mind of the viewer, the private lives of inhabited spaces, creating through a combination of carefully selected clues, imagined portraits of possible inhabitants… more…

Super Farmers’ Market, 19-21 Sicilian Avenue, Holborn, WC1
18 June-17 July 2010
Super Farmers’ Market is the second in a series of group shows that teases at the possible proximity of two forms of specialist consumption: fine food and fine art…. more…

Kalemegdan Bridge Collaboration with Richard Deacon and Mrdjan Bajic
2008 to 2010
Handel Street Projects in association with Beacon is pleased to announce The Kalmegdan Bridge Collaboration between British sculptor, Richard Deacon and Serbian sculptor, Mrdjan Bajic. Coming together in Belgrade in July and September of this year they will work on the design of a new footbridge in Belgrade… more…

Farmers’ Market, First Floor, 72 Wigmore Street, London W1
‘..a farmers’ market every weekend, in every shopping area in London’, is the proposal of a new report being launched by former Deputy Mayor of London, Jenny Jones. The report ‘Farmers’ Markets – building bridges between farmers and London shoppers’, finds that there is surging demand for farmers markets amongst Londoners. Farmers’ markets are the urban shop windows to the countryside. Following the spirit of the Deputy Mayor, Handel Street Projects is very pleased to announce its own annual Farmers’ Market… more…

The Reading Room, John Plowman, 29 Thurloe Place, London SW7
Handel Street Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by John Plowman. The objects that Plowman has been making recently are the outcomes of performances in which the private act of reading is made public, as the book is read the pages are torn and re-stacked within a plywood structure… more…

1-5 Exhibition Road, London
Works by Olivier Richon, Stefan Sehler and Gerard Williams. Photographer, painter and sculptor, they share an interest in the illusion of what is ‘behind’ the physical object in terms of meaning… more…

Sequences, Chain Gallery, London
‘Sequences’ was an exhibition held at Chain Gallery, a temporary project space on Brompton road, featuring shows and events throughout the summer of 2006… more…

St George’s Chapel, Bloomsbury, London
April 2005
The chapel was built in 1806 to serve the last of Nicolas Hawksmore’s churches… more…

Medievalmodern, London
Medievalmodern was a project space in London’s Marylebone that opened in 2002, which aimed to stimulate a dialogue between medieval and contemporary art… more…